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Search & Find24 Magazine is distributed free on the first day of each month and can be found in hotels, resorts, bars, restaurants, banks, hospitals, shops and travel agents, plus numerous other locations.

Search & Find24 aims to provide big help to travelers – whether a first-timer or a frequent visitor – in our
own small way. The handy and free Search & Find24 Magazine.
Packed with info, trivia, suggested tours, , ads, directory and even a pull-out map,
Search & Find24 is the perfect travel companion. Keep it in your bag or back pocket as a handy reference.
Explore the different hotels, cafes, restaurants, museums, entertainment areas and interesting
sites. Take it all in. Enjoy the Philippines, one city at a time, with Search & Find24.


To satiate the senses of tourists about everything Pinoy. To acquaint new travelers about each locality, and for seasoned visitors to rediscover everything the place has to offer. Locale is FREE; it aims to enrich the travel experience without extra cost to the traveler, and ultimately help Philippine tourism.


To promote our beautiful country the Philippines, one city at a time. “Search & Find24is a prime example of how hyper-local marketing can be applied to the tourism industry.” – – Market Focus “Search & Find24 builds trust between the readers and the establishments. It provides them relevant info so they can explore with confidence.”



Vol.3 Issue 2 Bohol

March 2020

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